Immediate Plans

  • Add a default test before generating unless --force is used
  • Allow sample.custom.json for a template. A template's first code generated could optionally be a fully customized app.
  • Allow the template to specify comment delimiters. (Currently, the languages must support at least one of the comment formats of javascript (that is, // comment or /* comment */) or embed them within additional comment delimiters).
  • Templates should contain precise specification of frameworks supported and code sections, so that different templates can be compared for compatibility. That way, if a project's code base was generated with one template, it could be moved over to other compatible templates.
  • A searchable repository of templates.
  • A new command ns checkVersion -t <template> which checks for updates.
  • Commands to simplify creation of templates from sample code.
  • Instructions for using a template added to the meta directory.
  • Input fields in ns.yml files to accept fields defined in another file.
  • ns.yml interactive generator.
  • Add to config a vars list that allows for various variables in setupSequence. Currently, just $codeDir is supported.


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